Experimental effects for PvE, which ones?

From the many experimental effects the following caught my attention, I don't know how useful they are when we fight NPCs.

BEAM lasers: thermal shock, thermal vent (excellent, cools te ship for free and maybe makes it harder for NPCs to aim at you)

BURST lasers: Phasing sequence, scramble spectrum (BURST and PULSE)

Plasmas: Dispersal field (also in Cannons), plasma slug (also in railguns), Target lock breaker (PAs only) one of the best in the game?

Railguns: plasma slug (more damage than cannons), super penetrator (cannons come close)

Cannons: High yield shell, thermal cascade, dispersal field (also PA), force shell

If you're doing PvE which experimentals did you choose for your weapons?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/p9bxb5/experimental_effects_for_pve_which_ones/

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