Explain M4A1 to me

Can someone explain why M4A1 gets to be:

  1. The most low-profile assault rifle in the game (4 slots long);

  2. A laserbeam (my build has it at 37 vertical recoil (you can do even less, though), but it feels less than what MP5 has at 22 vertical);

  3. Lightweight (3,5 KG with a fully loaded 60 rounder);

  4. High ergo machine (88 Ergo w/o magazine inserted);

  5. Is able to exploit the fast ADS bug with a canted sight;

  6. Nearly highest Assault Rifle RPM at 800;

… all at once?

Seriously, I get it that AR-15 is the greatest weapon platform of all time (sorry AK nerds), but this is too much. You could chalk it to "weapon and gear progression", but they no longer exist now that flea market is here. Please, we need changes to either how recoil system even works, or at least bring up other weapons viability to that of M4, because it's seriously just not funny.

For instance, M4's sister HK416A5 needs to be 6 slots long and 2 KGs heavier and like 20 ergo less to get the lowest recoil build, and its recoil would still be HIGHER than M4s… for an unnoticeable 50 RPM increase.

I'm a firm believer that SAI attachments for the M4 were an honest mistake from BSG. They're just too much.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/e0nm9g/explain_m4a1_to_me/

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