Explorer questions! It’s awful quiet out here.

OK, I've got the hang of this now, and I've got a D-back Explorer with a 47ly jump.

1) I'm descending into the sub-basements of the bubble. I'm at a point where I'm finding lots of systems discovered, but not mapped, or barely mapped. What's really worth mapping in those systems? Just the choice worlds, or all the rocks and ice cubes? Are there any bonuses I'm missing by only partially mapping already discovered systems?

2) If I stick to a KGBFOAM path, what do I miss out on? I don't want to pass by any trippy stuff or planets with signals, etc., but I do have to be careful since this thing's a real gas guzzler now.

3) To what extent is the star map real-galaxy accurate? I know about the Stellar Forge and all, but as it grows, how much of it remains informed by what we really know? Like, exoplanets are being discovered all the time; does any of that info make it into the game?

4) How about the state of Odyssey? It sounds like the bugs are ironed out now, and I'm ready to drop a dime. What sort of cool shit does it bring for explorers? Is there anything like where I could be running around out there with like 400 million in exploration data but then I land on a rock with no indigenous life but there's an alien spacecraft that was not from there and I homed in on its beacon and found something never recorded once in over four hundred surveyed worlds and it eats my face?

5) If not, why not?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/pj0tjg/explorer_questions_its_awful_quiet_out_here/

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