Explorers: Just curious, why a Phantom over a MK II?

First of all, not a flame post. I'm legit curious if I've gotten things wrong all along.

That said: I've played for a little while – got a small fleet of ships, but nowhere close to a Fleet Carrier level yet. I have a "Jack of all Trades" MK II, since my primary exploration ships are my Jumpaconda (just got it engineered for long distance) and a DBX for stuff a bit closer to the bubble. When I look things up, I see that the Mk II should (theoretically) be a better explorer than the Phantom. And yet, I see lots of Phantom explorers… Just to satisfy my curiosity: Why a Phantom?

My first thought was the fighter hangar, but I don't know how viable it would be for exploration needs. Or is there something I've overlooked, aside from the far superior name? Or is it just a matter of comfort/preference?

Thanks for your time and/or replies! Fly safe commanders, o7.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/p3r1tp/explorers_just_curious_why_a_phantom_over_a_mk_ii/

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