Farm slave lookin for buddies to farm for

I like this game a lot.

I love catching boars and bringing them back home to my carrot and turnip farm, filling the chest with Queens jam and veggie soups after a long day of hunting in the black forest and meadows. I enjoy chopping trees with the buff and just deforesting small patches in order to fill chests up with wood and build some lil rp type architecture.

Thing is…… friends have grown tired of it. Some of them work different hours. Some of them play shitty games, like league of legends. So then, who's going to eat the jams and soups? Who's gunna pet all the piggies and stay a night at my ranch house I built? Who's gunna kill the Draugrs for me so I can make sausages since I cant seem to parry to save my freaking life (they always kick my ass :c)?? I damn well am not playing a solo world. I don't have 600 hours on rust cutting trees for nothing. I'm here to play the viking life.

I would like to put my skills to work, all I ask is for a bed, some portals to areas, and some land of my own. Thank you.


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