Farming changes: Testing drop rate for weapons to recycle

Recent changes to address Sunbeam/brightcore shortage is of little help. The drop rate of weapons in search items is too less. Phase out of lower rarity weapons does not matter as low durability weapons will not yield any sunbeam/brightcore.

Upon testing…wasting lot of time running around from house to house and caves, cliffs, etc… I was able to get purple weapons but since their durability of those weapons were less..recycling it will did not give any sunbeam or brightcore. Only one sunbeam/brightcore was found after recycling 8 weapons. Did not get any purple chests. All these are not worth the search and time. Poor RNG favouring ammo in search items.

Repeating Storm Chest/encampment to farm these materials is sickening/disturbing …with all those crowd killing. The rewards from these sources are diluted by tier 4 ore/crystal..reducing the sunbeam/brightcore drop number.

Hope Epic adds Tier 5 materials to expeditions (a peaceful way to obtain mats) .. Increase the no. of sunbeam/brightcore in rewards for resupply missions.

Only trap craft materials have improved.


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