Favourite places to pick up Odyssey (foot) support missions (restore / reactivate)

Hey guys,

For Odyssey, playing on foot, I've mainly based myself out of Sol due to the sheer number of missions available there (combat / salvage), but it's months since I've seen a single support (restore / reactivate) mission. I'm assuming it's probably because Sol doesn't need that sort of help (special system, maybe factions aren't overly vulnerable).

Reputation is maxed with all factions. I see plenty of every other category of mission.

So I guess this probably comes down to a few questions:
-Am I the only person not seeing support missions? (I don't think I've seen them elsewhere either, but that may be due to rep)
-If you are seeing support missions and enjoy them, where do you tend to go to get a decent range on offer?
-What's your favourite home base for Odyssey missions, assuming you play them?

Thanks in advance. 😀


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/pry21w/favourite_places_to_pick_up_odyssey_foot_support/

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