FDev need to improve the in-game messaging and logic around Bounties and Notoriety. Again.

Examples of the game really not helping anyone understand the bounty/notoriety system.

So, I take on a kill mission by these folks

I do the deed, eliminating a member of an anarchy faction, who is also in the open, i.e. not in a settlement and get a bounty on me (it should not) and to add insult to injury the bounty is from the mission giver faction! Gee thanks!!!

Getting to an interstellar factor where I can pay off… this should not say "redeem"

Also, there should be a filter option to show you on the galaxy map the interstellar factors that are valid for you to pay off bounties (i.e. ones where the bounty faction is not present)

And also, when your notoriety is too high to pay off anything in any way, there should be a timer present in that UI to indicate how much game time you need to lie low to cooldown.


On another occasions the UI may tell you that you have no bounties on you, but you clearly do!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/py7tu3/fdev_need_to_improve_the_ingame_messaging_and/

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