Fdev saying no plans for ship interiors cut almost any chance of me purchasing Odyssey but I’m still happy for the community

First off, sorry if this has already been discussed to death but I wanted to post my thoughts on it.

Second, this isn't a hate post I love Elite Dangerous with or without space legs and I think that there are reasonable and unreasonable expectations that the community should hold.

I had no expectations of Odyssey launching with ship interiors, but the fact that they designed Odyssey without the intention of having any form of ship interiors is pretty disappointing and shows that unless fdev gets more demand for it (which at this point, I really don't know what that would look like since there is plenty of demand from the community) I don't see Odyssey ever feeling complete.

Ship interiors are a big ask, so I see the hesitancy, but since fdev has seemingly designed each ship with their interiors in mind, it feels like the ground work is already there. I think it could add a lot of roleplay and personal narrative to the world… but fdev seems to be more focused on creating odd gameplay loops (fleet carrier management/engineering grinds) rather than trying to focus most on enriching the universe which is pretty disappointing to me.

TL;DR: sad about ship interiors not being in the road map for ED, not sure how much demand they'd need to see to start work on it.

{End rant}

I'm curious what others are thinking. Thanks for reading.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/o5xkyw/fdev_saying_no_plans_for_ship_interiors_cut/

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