Feature Idea: Hardcore Mode

I've been thinking a lot about the theme and mechanics of the game and I've come up with an idea for a game mode that I find interesting and would like to share it with the community for thoughts and feedback.

Hardcore mode (a WIP name) would add the caveat that the crew mates lose the game if they vote a crew mate out.

Mechanically, this solves my biggest issue with the game. That being, that crew mate's lives are cheap. It's so easy to simply throw another player to their death on a whim or with little discussion and/or evidence. Making their lives matter encourages players to stop and question what's going on, instead of just voting the first color that's thrown out in the chat.

Thematically, this makes sense from the perspective of the surviving crew mates. I believe anyone whom survived an Among Us like scenario but realized they voted to kill an innocent man would be traumatized and, while surviving, could hardly be called a "winner".

Issues with this proposal is that this game mode certainly skews victory in favor of the imposters. Requiring a much higher level of evidence makes it much harder to safely make convictions against imposters. Even a couple of witnesses could see the wrong person and the wrong time, vote incorrectly and lose the game for everyone. A possible solution, though probably harder to implement, would be for the game to track the crew mates in two groups: Those who voted for an innocent that got voted out and those who did not. Then only award victory to the group of crew mates whom didn't vote innocents out.

Again, I'd appreciate some feedback on this concept. Certainly, I don't believe this should be the standard way to play. However, I do believe it would be an excellent option for players looking for games where deep consideration and discussion are emphasized.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/jxw09z/feature_idea_hardcore_mode/

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