Federal Corvette Fixed Weapons for Assassination

I am theory crafting a Federal Corvette build based off my existing ship, designed to quickly complete elite level wing assassination missions by itself.

The ship has to be tanky, since I'll be facetanking fire from the pirate lord's wingmen, and it is. I chose to use Bi-Weave shields for power purposes, but they are strong and have a very strong hull underneath.

I want to use fixed weapons, since elite NPCs seem to have unlimited amounts of chaff. I've been training with fixed, and I'm enjoying myself. I'm not the best, but I'm getting better.

In the small hardpoints under the nose, I have placed G5 sturdy feedback rails to handle the SCB spamming. In the 4H hardpoints I have placed G5 efficient plasma accelerators for raw damage output. In the mediums, I have placed G5 Hi-Cap packhounds with drag munitions to both slow the target, AND strip external modules once the shields drop. Finally, in the sole L hardpoint, I placed a turreted G5 efficient pulse laser with emissive munitions. This is mainly to provide cover fire for the belly of the ship, but should also help the packhounds maintain target lock.

Please look at the build, tell me what you think, and offer suggestions if you will. I am pretty tight on power, but I will be keeping my armored powerplant, since the wingmen use rails, and I don't want my powerplant to get knocked out.

Unrelenting Beast:

The ship is based on my PvE battleship that I use to win wars for BGS, The HMSV Reaper:

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/pklm9a/federal_corvette_fixed_weapons_for_assassination/

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