Feedback for everyone and for the Devs [From a Non Player Because of Covid19]

Hello dear game devs and dear community, I would like to talk with you about something, this is not a hate feedback, not even close, but I would like to offer you some pov, from an FPS main player, I played FPS games in the past 17 years so maybe I would get a thing or two.

First let me say that I never played your game but I love to, sad fact I can’t anymore because right when I wanted to buy the “Edge Of Darkness” edition my boss decided since Covid 19 it’s there and the numbers are rising I need to stay home permanent so I was kinda fired and I can’t afford it anymore but that’s a problem for an other time.

So let’s start, I played the CoD series, the Battlefield series, started with Counter Strike 1.6 when I was a kid, and continued with CS:GO, moved to Valorant and other “popular” fps but sir, let me tell you there is no game like Escape From Tarkov. I watch a lot of guys on twitch two of them are Pestilly and LVNDMARK, I love this two guys they are chill and having fun in the game also I watch my friends on discord how they are playing in squads and solos.

The Graphics :

Ok they are not like the best looking graphics, but are not the worst either, don’t think this In a bad way, I love the graphics, they are realistic in some points but kinda bad in other points, but for the genre of the game this is, it’s the best graphics that he can have, since it’s only in BETA I guess it’s still space for improves, the elements like, rain, thunderstorms, lightnings, are soo good, I was watching my friend other day, and we were talking about something, if you guys will plan to add an other weather condition in the game, like SNOW, or Snowing that will be so nice and good, and maybe like some other camouflage equipment white to match the snowing theme. That will look great if you start to consider that will be amazing.

The RPG Elements :

I played a lot of RPGS and MMORPGS, this element the game has that match an RPG game it’s amazing, like the FLEA MARKET it’s one of them and the LOOT, and the SKILL TREE somehow that you need to increase the XP you get all this little elements are fantastic, and they are very good for both kind of players new and old. I was watching my friend how they loot and can examine the elements and the loot, and the best thing in the game the most funny but still useful it’s eat and drink ! That it’s my favorite part, it’s so funny to see how your character eats fish or crackers the animations are so cool sometimes buggy but they are so cool elements for the game to make it more entertaining. I love how some players have that little yellow crown on their name it’s looking cool I don’t really know how to get that but I guess that comes with the edition I wanted to buy tho.

The Sound :

I love how the sound it’s designed, but what I hate about it it’s the fact how some ear-pieces work, some of them make the sound even worst, but I guess that it’s an element that makes game even harder, because you need to learn what to use in order to become better. Some ear-pieces are fantastic, they are so different I was watching LVNDMARK how he plays and some of them modify the entire gameplay style that you have. This is a big up for the sound.

The Mechanics :

Easy to say this is the most hardcore game I ever seen, when I hear people talking about Valorant or CoD Warzone or Battlefield 5 saying like “ OMG MAN THIS GAME IS SO HARD I HATE IT” I am here and saying like, dude what do you even mean ? You’ve seen Escape From Tarkov ? What I want to say by this it’s this is hardcore survival ! Because you don’t have a crosshair in the middle of the screen if you don’t use weapon attachments, you don’t have a map, you don’t have a minimap to show you the enemies, you don’t have anything just your skill. The mechanic are amazing, I love the way you check you magazine the way, you reload and shoot, some guns are strange to me when I see how complicated is to shoot with them but I think If you play daily it’s easy, I love the fac that you don’t have a map and you need to actually LEARN the game so you can play it because you need to learn where are the extraction spots, where are the stashes, where is the good stuff if you know what I mean. Absolute amazing.

The Fun :

What I mean by “the fun” ? It’s simple because the game it’s so hardcore and you don’t have a map or indicators or anything like that and you really need to learn everything, I am talking about the fun you have in game when you play with your friends, yeah it’s true you can actually lose millions of rubles in gear in raids but for real now nothing it’s funnier like when you and your mate don’t know the exact position of each other and one of you end dead because you forgot to tell your friend where you are. It’s amazing I laughed many times when Pestilly failed a nade or forgot to reload, I laughed many times when my friends killed each other it’s so good and so funny. Actually this part of “communication” it’s great, because you really need to learn how to play in squads and in team, how to be a good teammate because if you don’t permanent communicate and tell the others your position and what you do and how you do it, you will lose the game and the whole squad may lose it cuz of that.

The Community : I played many games, like I told you earlier, but I never ever found a more friendly community than here, I had many questions and a lot of guys helped me out when I needed when I asked stupid stuff. Best community ever.

The Devs :

I always see the devs in the forums, and answering a lot of questions helping a lot of people, I’ve seen the dev videos with Nik they are amazing cool and funny, the first game dev company I don’t see the owners and devs to be or pretend to be superior, and look down to people, you guys keep that strong connection with your fans and your players you guys are some lovely human beings.

Last, let me tell you I only have love for you, for Nik Buyanov also cuz I saw a video with him and he was funny, so funny. Keep do more amazing stuff buddies, bring on the Streets of Tarkov I can’t wait to see gameplay with that map, it’s looking so good and clean maybe until then I will find a job and buy the game to support you guys and have fun with my friends also, so I will can play it and not watching other people doing it for me. You are doing amazing stuff with the game I guess it’s hard working from home because of this pandemic situation, but I know you are doing your best ! Keep doing that.

Much love and respect, have a good day and stay safe.


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