Feedback on some aspects in gameplay and requesting QoL changes.

First of all, I apologise for the cringe I made in the previous post. I went a little too much in there. Secondly, i am once again asking you to make civil comments and say your opinion about my post. No need to say the same words, I get it, they don't care. And if you thought so you are free to leave the subreddit.

I am getting straight to the point this time. Its all QoL changes needed.

Gameplay improvement

  • removal of animation/interaction cancelling when taking damage and removal of getting off hoverboard when getting damaged

I don't know what kind of logic behind it. But all i know it doesn't make sense at all. Yet its completely fine for the other mode.

  • Less blocky user interface and new indicators.

Nothing feels so frustrating when you want to aim on a husk and that big ass block that says "sunbeam" that blocks your crosshair, a minimalist look wouldnt hurt. Oh and we need an indicator to show what elemental husk wave is it in non-mutant storm missions.

  • allow the use of weapons when on hoverboard. With a restriction of not using abilities and harvesting tools.

Right now, the hoverboard is outclassed by Gaurdian's will and The Baron. So why not make a rival for those speed melee weapons?

improvised farming.

While i know Epic buffed farming a little, its still not enough. There are three reasons why its not enough.

  • Starting from PL 100 missions. Only tier 5 mats appear when farming.

Yeah i know i should bring clip, but still not enough. As tier 4 mats will get in the way. But keep the common mats like nuts and bolts.

  • expeditions for tier 5 mats.

This has been requested frequently, not only we will get a great number of T5 mats out of it. But also we will have more use for research points during endgame.

  • no more uncommon and rare caches starting from mid Canny Valley

The annoyance when you find one of the three chests that rewards a cache. Only it ends up with a rare schematic cache than epic or legendary one. Its a small change but it will do wonders.


That is all folks. And remember, civil comments please.


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