Few words about Gwent streamers – my opinion

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Hey there fellow Gwenters,

I'm writing this post mostly as a "what do you guys think, is it only me?" kind of idea. Naturally another cause is also due to the big boom in the community with the return of Lifecoach, but it's not that important here, since I had this in mind for a while.

The point is – are most "big" streamers extremely toxic in your eyes? Let me explain exactly what I mean:

First, and most importantly imo, some streamers disrespect their opponents like crazy sometimes – the problem with this that they somehow fail to notice is that their opponent might just be their general viewer. This exactly happened to me – I played vs Spyro, found out after the fact that it was them who I played, joined their stream to say GG only to find that I am "a clown and deserve no respect" because I won. Like, seriously, spitting in the face of your potential fan/viewer/follower/subscriber is just plain dumb. I don't think any amount of bad RNG and mistakes done justifies the awful treatment of your opponent, especially when done in front of a big audience.

Second, many streamers believe that their level of expertise in this game is above God. This results in calling viewers who suggest things clowns and ignorants, calling the opponent who wins with an odd play or non-meta deck an idiot, and in general, everything that happens in the game is either fantastic because that's how the streamer intended it to be, or absolutely awful RNG fiest that results in the streamers loss – there is never "mistakes that lead to losing". The funniest thing about this in my opinion is that the streamers that practice this kind of behaviour are actually never in official tournaments, which would prove directly that they are really really good at the game. Ladder results are of course a good signifier, but often the matches end because of very poor draws, disconnects, awful matchups, etc.

Last, I believe that many streamers just do not enjoy the game. This is crucial for an enjoyable stream, if the streamer ques another game in a fit of rage, sees the matchup and goes "oh my f*cking god" then I personally lose interest in watching the game, because I know that they will play their cards like it's some sort of punishment and no matter the outcome of the match, they will be like "ye fine whatever".

With all that said, it's not all doom and gloom, as I believe there are still very interesting and fun to watch streamers. I don't want to point fingers more than I already did, so I will just say that, from what I noticed, the less viewers on a stream, the more likely it will be a chill and fun to watch one.

Edit: I removed one name from this post after a discussion I had with that person, hope that helps.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/n915o1/few_words_about_gwent_streamers_my_opinion/

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