Fight trolls and toxicity update

An idea to fight toxicity and trolls is, in addition to having a kick button in game, there is also a report button in game. When used, someone could tap a the players name and then tap a specific text box of something they said, or tag the entire meeting. They then select which of the new rules they violated. These new rules could include…

  1. Leaving the game immediately because they didn’t get imposter (there is already a bot in place for this but punishments for doing so need to be stricter.)

  2. No calling a meeting for no legitimate reason. The emergency meeting button is for gameplay reasons only. If you are an imposter, you can call a meeting and lie in such a way that would be an in game reason to eject someone as an imp is okay, but calling a meeting just to waste everyone’s time is not allowed.

  3. No game throwing. If you are the imp, blatantly saying who other imps are, (even if it’s a lie or a “joke”) is grounds for a lengthy (often permanent) ban.

  4. Sharing info through a third party source, or sharing info with another person in game who is with you irl, and presenting that info in game is not allowed unless everyone in the game is in that third party conversation prior to the match starting.

  5. No harassment, hate speech, or attempting to bypass the chat filter.

  6. No reporting someone under a rule violation accusation that is blatantly false. This rule can be enforced via the appeal system.

Appeal system: If you have been banned for an accusation that you believe to be incorrect, you may tap an appeal button, at which point you may send a message to the devs explaining why you believe your ban to be unjustified.


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