Finally Hit lvl 20! And im scared for the future of the game…..

I just hit level 20, 214 raids, 265 kills, and 205 Hours online. I just started this year not knowing anything about the game. I consider myself an above average FPS player, and at my current state in tarkov, an average to slightly above average player.

With all this being said, I have been seeing some increased conversation about how the future of the game should look. I have a horrible time even slightly agreeing with anyone that mentions that BSG should Nerf the player progression, kill the flea market, ect. and it seems like this is a more common topic now days with YouTubers, ect. and they always site that people like me, the new player who just took 200 hours to get to 20 are the ones that are being shit on by the way the game plays currently.. Well just an FYI from someone who just started at the game this year; I felt SOOO accomplished when I finally unlocked the flea market. I feel that I have EARNED my right through the current 1-20 progression to be able to buy some meta gear and shit on everyone else now. And I tell you what. Nerfing the 'meta' play style is just going to ruin any drive I had to even get to the flea market, and I know Im not the only one who feels this way. I recently watched a video from klean Who went pretty hard on these topics, talking about how most of the people playing tarkov today are at a disadvantage because they see videos from pest or landmark and expect the same experience. IMHO I feel that these remarks are way off base from what most people feel. What do you guys think about this? 1-20 is certainly a grind not for the faint of heart, But I feel like the reward justify's it. Nerfing progression is just going to make it even harder on the normal player, and nerfing meta will leave us timmy's without any realistic goals.


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