Fireplace venting doesn’t have crossbreeze?

Is Valheim coming

This is something I've been thinking about, and believe it isn't present. Maybe someone can correct me.

I've noticed that, while smoke physics are a lot of fun, smoke only seems to be affected by wind that hits it directly. This only really matters with chimneys.

Chimneys in Valheim, like in real life, need to be capped to prevent rain from dumping onto the fire. However, chimney caps are significantly more effective in real life, because when the wind blows away the smoke under the cap, the void is immediately filled by air and smoke from below. Effectively, the cross breeze blowing between the chimney and cap sucks the smoke out from the chimney.

This doesn't seem to happen in Valheim. Smoke rises out of your chimney but then more or less stays in place, eventually finding a way out of the sides of the cap after enough smoke has built up under the cap to push smoke out.

Am I wrong about this? If not, it would be a great feature!


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