First Deathsquito Encounter… it was, Panic haha

Walheim - five bosses

Well… ran into a deathsquito for the first time. Still pretty newb to the game. Have only reached the swamp biome, but got to iron and decided to build a long ship for collecting items and exploring. So I was feeling adventurous, grabbed some stuff for a portal and headed out to chart some land and sort of looking for the merchant guy. I was clipping along quite well Odin’s blessings upon me with nice calm seas, wind to my back, all was fine. Well, then come across some plains, said screw that and turned another direction. Got to a Black Forest and was running around. Then, I saw one of those green little goblin bastards (fuling I think), and was like NOPE, turned tail and ran fast as I could to my boat. Didn’t realize I was on the edge of a plain. In a frantic furry I demolish my portal and prepare to demolish my workbench when I see a deathsquito. In a panic I decide to abandon the workbench and try quickly as possible to get in the boat and get the hell out of there only to be met by my first deathsquito death of the game. Damn those suckers are quicker than I would have ever imagined. Unluckily, I had not additional ancient bark to build a longship. I didn’t necessarily want to request help from the body recovery folks just yet, so I build a dinky-ass raft and set sail. I’m still flabbergasted I didn’t see a serpent that whole painful excruciatingly long sail to my death crate. Probably a 30minute real-time trek across the sea that with the better ship took probably 10. But in all, heart racing and overly anxious grab loot and run, I managed to get my items and leave. Least to say, won’t be back there any time soon haha. Not only is the map tagged with “Day 99.” But a separate tag with a big ole “NOPE.” I seriously do enjoy this game though, panic and all. 😁


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