First PMC raid ever, some thoughts

I've never played such an intense game. My hands were trembling after navigating my way through Customs and surviving my first PMC raid. Everything felt against me. I spawned Customs with just a pistol, it was pitch black, and immediately heard gunshots. I managed to sneak through the woods to kill a PMC and two player scavs.

I really have no idea how I was able to make my shots hit, but the gunplay feels solid. Playing stealthily and relying on audio was crucial, despite being absolutely nerve-wracking. I realized it was actually dawn and the map got lighter as I played.

Things that I'll need to improve on are looting and learning extracts. I left a lot of gear because I couldn't figure out the inventory UI while gunshots were happening around me. I also had to play with the Customs map on my phone. I'm just thankful I quickly figured out where I was and was able to pick a safe path through the map.

Anyways, this game rocks and I hope my next raids go just as smooth as this one.


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