First real trip out of the bubble – headed to Colonia

Hello, Commanders. TL;DR: I'm looking at the Asp Explorer to make a slow trip to Colonia, and I want to take the time to scan systems as I pass through them. Without going into too much detail is there a ship that makes more sense than the AspX? Maybe the Krait MK 2, Krait Phantom or DBX?

I do not have Odyssey yet so anything included there shouldn't be considered. I'm sitting on close to 2 billion credits so unless something truly unique comes up, money shouldn't be an issue. I know I could hop a carrier and get there quickly but I think I'd rather do this the old-school way. I've been away for a bit and I've done a ton of mining and enough combat (PvE) to get the idea. I have a pretty good idea of what gear should and shouldn't be carried so at this point I just need to pick a ship. Thank you, Commanders!


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