First shot

So my PMC is lower level due to a late start, but my thing is, the initial rise of the weapon after the first shot. Is there a tip to controlling this or is this just another get good mechanic? I've initially thought it was tied to build of the gun, but after using the same HK a buddy uses, I'm not sure.

For further clarification, I'm talking about the weapon rise if you attempt to burst fire in small doses, 2-5 shots. I've noticed that if I just full auto lay into whatever I want dead, the bullets all strike within a thorax distance. So is the initial kick on the gun a visual thing or is this actually tied behind a PMC skill, IE recoil control and despite my friend only having 4 recoil control, it's that impactful.

Also while it's on my mind, what determines ADS speed and such? Using M4s with 1×4 is fine, seems quick. But I was using an SV98 last night with a 16x I believe and there was a solid 0.2 second delay from when I right clicked vs when the gun had a sight picture. Could this be a magnification thing or is this something like aim drills? Cause looking at everyone else's PMC and then playing my PMC it's like they are combat trained and grizzled vets. Meanwhile it's like my PMC is wet behind the ears.


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