First time getting Kappa! WOO!

The grinding is done. I finally got Kappa today for the first time (this is my second wipe). It was a hell of a grind and the frustration at times was insane, but such a feeling of fulfillment knowing you 'beat' that all. I've played literally every day this wipe, although I spent a really long time not questing, then one day I decided to start working towards Kappa. I've also done it all solo, which made it somewhat harder.

I have a lot of reflections on this wipe, but nothing more than what others have summarized in similar posts. The game feels somewhat empty now? I donno, I loved chasing goals and working towards something to accomplish, so I'll keep going with the other quests. I'm at 17/25 Shturman so that's something to finish soon.

Would I grind this all again? Yes-ish, not for Kappa – the container is meh, I don't care much for it, I just like questing. But next wipe I've learnt how to be more efficient with quests (kills for simultaneous quests), which items to collect, where and how to position yourself for certain kill quests, to run grenadier in the background and not leave it till the end, stuff like that.


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