First time trying Odissey today: good potential but terrible optimization

So basically this is gonna be my experience with the expansion. I got it today for 20 bucks (didn't wante dto risk to pay full price given the bad rep the expansion has and I can see it was not a bad choice).

So first 2 hours everythign was fine and dandy (mostly, I noticed the FPS drops but it wasn't anything dramatic), did some "pick up this form this settlement and bring it to me", "go get X piece at wreckage and bring it back" etc. FPS were around 55-60 most of the time which was surprissingly good. Even at the stations I didn't noticed anything really bad. And all of these without having to tamper too much with configuration. My rig is an i7-9600k (not OCed) with an RTX 2070 8GB VRAM and 64 RAM (game installed on an SSD BTW), problem is my GPU has a dead fan and it can get a little hot when running at 4k (it has peaked to 83 degrees, not a dangerous temperature but dont want to shorten its life span, plus thats temperature without too much shit going on on screen). So what I do is play at 2K with High settings and the game was mostly fine, except when I open a terminal on station but it only peaks around 80 for 1 second or 2 at max.

So there I was, enjoying the expanssion and seeing its problems but nothing too serious… untill I decided to do a mission that involved taking out 12 or something people occupying a settlement. When I arrived (with my own ship BTW, not the taxi service) just before landing FPS tanked to 11-20 and CPU use went sky high (whereas normally it only uses about 50%, 60 at most), let alone temp peaked at 79. A few seconds later it seemed to stabilize but temperature was above 70, nothing serious as that CPU can even stand 80 degrees. But when I started moving around the settlement FPS tanked again, and when combat started it was a mess (ended up dying twice trying that mission).

Finally I gave up and decided to switch back to Horizons. Not that I didn't liked the parts that worked but I preffer to wait to be able to play the WHOLE package without too many issues. That, and also… am I the only one that dislikes the new effects on shields, explossions, FSD jumps, and lightning/shadows in open space?

Please, I'd like to know if anyone else has experienced these (yes even after update 6) and also dislikes the new FX on the game.


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