First wipe for me and its good but something’s need tweaking from my opinion


Found in raid system

Steam audio

People won't be making millions/billions off flea flipping

Wipe in general


Beginning quests.. I know jaeger has the hardest quest line but beginning quests should be easier and mid/end game quests hard like jaegers.

Customs has to much forced pvp in early quests resulting in many attempts unless you camp In a bush until 5-10mins left of raid or run a 5 stack.

Quest items that have to be FiR should not need to be extracted for FiR to apply so that there more accessible for new players.

I'm missing some stuff for sure and ill add anything in that people suggest but off the top of my head I can think of these.

Overall I'm enjoying the wipe as people are running more realistic kits instead of meta and this should last for a month at least so I'm having fun.


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