Fix for the new stims below. Amazing!

EDIT: Well number has already haooend. The damage reduction stims are only 10% now. Problem solved haha, stims are good now

Just a community based work in progress suggestion. want to try to grab y'all's attention and get this post some traction and maybe we can make some changes that everyone agrees with here while Some of y'all have turned into the biggest butthurrt crybabies I have ever seen, there have been some great ideas on how to inprocet the stims and balance them even more so as well. Go ahead, hit that downvote, but drop your CONSTRUCTIVE criticism below and maybe we can give BSG idea on balance that is great for all and that they are ok with as well

This Reddit is our voice. Time and time again it's been shown that BsG actually listens to us and take our concerna into consideration when we've presented respectfully and not full of the toxic and/or whiilny shit infection the sub lately. While I think the stims are near perfect, I've got some great ideas to help keep that awesomeness and change ba few things to make the balance even better and satisfy those who are not in with them.

  1. Obviously not dying to an unarmored headshot is not okay. That 20% damage reductions is damn nice, but as so many of you have lost your shit over, one tapping the unarmored head equal dead. Changing that mechanic to that actually happening no matter what is the simplest fix.

While IRL it happens all the time that people walk away ITK with a bullet that's lodged into their skull or rotated around it and out/in the back and they have been perfectly okay, it's not 100%.

  1. Reducing the spawn rate of the new stims would ensure there readily availableness would raise the supply) demand and markets not be blooded with them. While I think this a good and bad idea (as this would drive up the prices making the rich only able to get by a much larger margin)it might just be okay with everyone

  2. Adding a few more negative effects to the ones that don't have them. Constant tunnel vision, bleeding, are on the odolobos and always taking damage in the MULE could be implemented for a few other stims. I think the negative/positive balances has been reached but I would be okay with that balance being altered so that everyone would be okay with stims.

  3. Reducing the timer of the stims. 15 and 3p minutes is an extremely long time. How bout a reduction to 10 minutes and 20 minutes. I think would ensure one would only be encountering another during a heavy firefight or intense situation and not while person is looting a salewa off Sanitar's tables etc

These are just a few ideas I have. It's about the give and take and if all we are doing is hissy fits, BSG just gonna say duck us and do what they want. As I've said before, we are a spoiled Reddit and a spoiled gaming community, where we have the opportunity to make real and tangible changes Tarkov.

Drop your ideas or suggestions below. If your criticizing mine or someone else's ideas then tell us why you don't like it, how it could be changed etc. Including the "you're a dogshit dumbfuck" literally does nothing so let's make it peaceful and save the blasting asses and blowing people shit up for in raid

TLDR: reducing timers, spawn rate, always dead from headshot to unarmored head, increased negative effeyst to help balance new stims. Provide constructive criticism and leave the whiny crybaby and/or toxic ass away


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