Flea market disaster

This is a rant post but i would rather call it a discussion since i hope that either we can have a levelheaded discussion (right, lol, the internet) or atleast i can get an explanation to how and why this is "legal" to the game compared to something like reshade, and if it is too much, the mods can take it down and whatever, but now after looking at some of the posts through a couple of days i see alot of people complaining about hatchlings and whatnot, but in my opinion, after the recent changes to the secure container and the scavs in customs etc, i find something else to be a way bigger problem.

The freaking bots on flea market. Many of you guys may not find this as a problem cause "you got like 5 money cases filled to the brim" n shit, but for someone as poor as me who has to fight for some items on the flea market for a low price when something gets put up, is infuriating. Like last night when i was down to 100k roubles, and i needed my last graphics card for mechanic task, i saw one of flea market get put up for a low price of 20k, which either has to be a mistake or someone who just doesn't care, but i saw my time to strike, and from when it was counting down from 10 seconds till available, i was sitting and slam spamming my Y-Key + LMB, to try and get it, but no, ofcourse someone has already bought it, and it happens all the damn time.

Yesterday my friend was trying to complete a Gunsmith task, and he needed a grip for the weapon which he could get nowhere else but on flea market cause he has his dealers too low. But alas, there was none on the flea market. After 15 min wait (and doing other things ofcourse) there was finally one counting down, but in the end, it was already purchased within half a sec of it's "release". he did this for half an hour before he finally got one, where both me and him was sitting and fighting for the item for him.

call me a little crybaby, tell me to git gud and git moniz, or whatever, but i find this to be a big problem, and if Reshade (i didn't use it myself, but the case still stands) had to be "illegal" then i don't see why so many bots can be allowed to be in it. It is basically impossible to get some of the items cheap on flea market cause within 0.02s of the availability of the item, it will already be gone..

*cough cough* and ofcourse the scavs hitting 10 continous shots to my T H O R A X, while i serpentine and dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodges, but that's fine compared to this imo *cough cough*

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/ec0iaj/flea_market_disaster/

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