Fleet Carrier Interiors

So they have mentioned that they are considering adding interior areas for Fleet Carriers post Update 8. I assume it would be made from mostly the same assets as we have now. So what would they need, and what can be added via Fleet Carrier components? Would we still have the same maps, but leave office empty if you didn't buy the service?

Obviously us long-range explorers would want to add a Vista Genomics for convenience to go with the UniCart. Having a Shipyard would unlock the interior office to go with it: no reason for it in the interior office if you have no Shipyard installed. Having a bar would be nice (Ten Forward?) and how about installing an Apex dispatcher if you want?

How about having the different station styles? I'd like to be able to customize the interiors a little, since it is my carrier, and the assets are there. I imagine it would have a view overlooking the docking platform, but a forward view would be cool.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/pxap3r/fleet_carrier_interiors/

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