Flying to Sag A* without a fuel scoop – Update 7

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Hey guys, I missed posting yesterday for two reasons:

  1. I made very little progress

  2. I had a lot of stuff on my plate IRL

And it seems like that's going to be the trend, on and off. The timeline for this flight is going to be extending, in part due to the slow travel rate and in part due to my real life becoming more busy than I was expecting in the past few days.

If you're interested in the data behind the progress, I'll update the data sheet as I fly when I've got time. If you're interested in talking to me about anything, hit me up! But these posts will be slowing down, and I'll abandon the 'day X' portion of the title in favor of 'update X'

I want to reach Sag A in the dumbest way possible, but real life takes precedence. Being a student is great and all til you realize you actually have to get shit done lol.

When I'm not able to fly, I'll continue working on the analysis of the data and possibly open up the flight logs directly to those who are interested in reading it themselves. I'm invested in this project at this point, even though I'm missing my Krait mk 2 back at home already.

Timestamped ship entries are in the Data Log as usual, thank you for everyone who follows and supports this trip, and I'll see you later

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