Flying without the rebuy.

I just recently picked up the game again. I had started over, and just yesterday made it to an Asp Explorer. I was using it as a merchant ship, doing courier missions and delivery runs, while filling the remaining hold with whatever cargo I can make a profit on. Unfortunately I forgot the golden rule… Never fly without a rebuy. I had filled up on silver, sinking all my credits into it. I ended up getting interdicted, and foolishly tried to fight. I ended up turning tail when my windshield broke. I didn't have maxed life support so I was racing against time. The pirate had escaped the system authority, and interdicted me again, but I got away. I ran out of oxygen right as I exited supercruise outside the station.

Now I learned my lesson, and this is still salvageable after a loan. I grab some high dollar missions to try to pay off the loan quickly, and head out. Unfortunately there isn't enough credits left over from the loan for rebuy so I am still in hot water, especially since this is currently my only ship. While I am heading to the first stop, I get interdicted again. I think it will be best to submit and then run instead of risking fighting it, but was not expecting what happened next. The ship that interdicted me was a Python… My little Asp ends up mass locked, and the Python rips me apart before I can escape. I am then sent right back to the little Dorrito. This all happened within 20 minutes time.

Now I am curious, what insane wipe to Sidewinder do you guys have.


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