Food changes/stamina drain

Walheim - five bosses

I've seen a lot of people complaining about stamina drain after the update, being unable to block and counter or draw a bow multiple times.
I'm running on 2 health foods (black soup + sausage) and 1 stamina dedicated food (turnip stew). While I do have less HP than previously (with cooked meat + sausage + carrot soup) and significantly shorter stamina bar, I honestly don't really feel much difference. I can still block and counter pretty comfortably, bow drawing also doesn't feel much worse. It feels to me as if the stamina costs were rebalanced for new food, though obviously, it's just my personal opinion as I don't have any numbers.
Granted, I'm not far into the game. I started very recently and I'm currently at round 130 days in, going through Swamp and using Iron weapons. I've been wondering: does it feel worse with end game items or are people overreacting/not used to new food? And how are people feeling about the food changes overall?
Personally, I like the change of wider variety of foods and having to mix and match them. For ranged build using more stamina heavy foods as you'll be out of most attacks, for melee/blocking going more health heavy etc. I think it's more fun that way but I'm dying to know how other people feel about it! Cause all I've seen so far are stamina complaints x)


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