For a game about getting better and better ships, the process of actually making your ships better is utterly unenjoyable.

TL;DR: Yes, it's another engineering thread. Feel free to ignore if you've reached your weekly limit of these.

Honest question for my fellow commanders: who here actually enjoys the engineering materials grind?

Look, I'm not here to bash the engineering system as a whole. I don't PVP, so as far as I'm concerned, engineers have been a net positive for my ships (I can explore in a Corvette and still jump over 40LY? Hell yeah!).

But the grind to get materials is just.. not fun. I'm not against grinding. I love grinding for credits. I love the exploration grind. I love mining. I even enjoy running missions every once in a while. But grinding for materials is unbearably slow for the amount we need, and the only way to make it faster is to cheese the game by relogging.

Change my mind: Quitting to menu is not fun. Killing yourself over and over at Jameson's crash site is not fun. Driving to a point in space and picking up random objects is not fun. Scanning wakes is not fun. Cross trading 96 hard-earned materials for 16 of the type you actually need is not fun.

Engineering is here to stay. I get that. I also get that there are other, slower ways of gathering materials. I use those now. But just as making credits got a re-balance, so does making materials need one. You just need too many for the speed at which the game intends you to get them.

Fight me.


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