For Everyone that Dislikes the Flea Market, I would advise you to watch how The Cycle turns out.

The Cycle is a game very similar to Tarkov, with one notable difference.

It does not have a Flea Market.

I played Tarkov before the Flea was even a thing, yet, not everyone did. The Cycle is a perfect case study of what happens to a looter shooter with gear based progression when you don't have an equalizer in place to give new players a chance.

I already know what'll happen with The Cycle, I've already been through it with Tarkov, but to anyone who didn't play before the Flea Market was added, just watch The Cycle and see how that game turns out. I'm not saying you should play it (Although you should if it at all interests you), but just simply watch from a distance.

Maybe they'll find a way to balance their game without a Flea Market, and then Tarkov could steal it. But the only way you'll know, is if you watch that game.


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