For everyone who is complaining about OD and Tinker: pick Visage mid

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero Warriors Ice

Visage gives absolutely no fucks about Tinker, he eats tinker for breakfast. Get a hood in lane, get a few points in E and then just laugh in his face as his rockets basically do nothing against you. Once you get 6, you can just run him down with your familiars and soul assumption over and over again until he rage quits. Visage is also one of the best heroes in the game to scout out tinker in the trees with familiars and then fuck his day by chain stunning him.

Visage is also the only hero in the game besides LD who can ON HIS OWN break the meteor hammer combo of OD. So long as you get level 6 before he gets meme hammer, his investment is absolutely useless against you.

I know Visage is apparently "hard to play" and has a really low pickrate, but lets give my boi some love. With his most recent changes he is actually super easy to learn and not that difficult at all once you get the hang of the easiest micro in the world.

EDIT: LD can also break the meme hammer combo.


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