For helheim’s sake, please allow aiming up and down with melee weapons (Or, it’s directly below me! why the actual fuck can I not hit it?)

New Valheim update

This is the single most aggravating thing in the entire game for me. (besides maybe a rogue troll smashing my base)

This guy ( figured out how to do it in barely a month after release.

There is no debate here. [edit] ok I guess there is. it allows for cheesing the Ai when you're below them on slopes.

still, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, and I'm not about to give up a qol improvement in favor of cheese tactics.

Just to list some more benefits:

Being able to properly aim at trees/rock you're chopping. No more mindlessly swinging your axe at a log or stump that is just below waist level.

More engaging melee combat. Leaping over an enemy as you cleave their skull with your axe.

The only reason I can think of that it wasn't done was because it can lead to strange things like the lox attacking you through it's own back.

But I really don't care. the benefits far outweigh that single drawback. It's barely a problem anyways.


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