Forcing role tokens on players causes low quality games in brackets below immortal

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero phantom lancer

Many safe/mid players hate to play offlane/support positions, they either cant or dont want to put any effort. Myself I would prefer to wait indefinitely than to play offlane position, I truly hate it and I dont get any enjoyment from playing it, i dont care if i lose or win this particular match, I just want it ends quick, so I pick my preferred role. I am pretty sure many other players feel the same. I think this is the main reason that leads to inconsistency of games, when some divine games feels like I play with people from herald bracket, they dont used to play the role they being assigned and dont really care about the match outcome. I think removing role tokens enforcing will lead to higher quality games and i dont mind to wait longer or dont even have any game at all, i just dont want to play with people that were forced to pick the role they cant play because in general these matches are shit and huge waste of time.


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