Fortnite moving to UE5 next season

I saw a rumor on fortnite leaks Reddit mentioning the likely possibility of the other mode & creative upgrading to Unreal Engine 5 with the launch of chapter 2 season 8. I have several questions surrounding the resulting side effects of this for our beloved save the world:

  1. As it’s been made pretty clear we aren’t leaving ue3/4 because of our assets, is this the approaching time where future cosmetics will no longer be compatible as mentioned by the home base status report last year?

  2. how will future starter packs work? Will they start recycling these, or will they continue to make new ones that are composed of assets that function in both UE 3/4 and 5?

  3. Is it possible that stw will be split from the other modes into its own application/game?

I’d love to hear your thoughts


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