Four slightly off meta decks to try out with guides and thoughts – Guerilla Tactics, Double Cross, Flurry, and Lippy

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These have been my mainstays this month. I enjoy deckbuilding and it's something I did for years in TESL and Eternal before coming to Gwent. This is my first time really putting a few decks out there at once so let me know your thoughts. I think there's something great about playing a little bit off meta and having your opponent not know exactly what is in your deck or surprising them with something sweet like Kambi.


Guerilla Spell ST


Probably my favorite "off meta but still meta" deck if that makes any sense. Getting off of Precision Strike has so many benefits: 2 more provisions, no Brokilon Sentinels to worry about clogging up your deck, the addition of Brehen, the ability to buff your engines knowing they'll stick in certain matchups, denying engines with movement, and moving Defenders.

It's often been said the leader ability just doesn't produce enough points. And guess what? That's still true. But luckily, the deck itself produces so many points now that we don't even need the leader. Feign Death, Alzur, Madoc, and the bronze engines are enough to help work your way towards a big last say Gord. Brehen is a great card that gives us a second tall punish in the deck.

Arnaghad Witchers + Madoc


Reckless Flurry is both popular and strong at the moment. What makes this different is that it is both a Witcher deck (Leo + Madoc), an Arnaghad deck, and a Madoc deck. I have seen some variations that go all in on Witchers and that is just not the way to go – it doesn't give enough synergy with your leader ability. That's where Madoc comes in. On the other hand, Arnaghad can straight up close out games against opponents who can't answer him. Exceptionally strong deck in the short round, but can also fair decently in longer rounds since it can remove threats efficiently and churn out big Mentor/Leo plays.

Double Cross Assimilate


I stumbled onto this deck without knowing that everyone else was also playing Artaud, Joachim, Braathens, and Vincent as their top end in NG. But it makes sense. The difference is they are relegated to Imprisonment while we enjoy the wonders and possibilities of Double Cross. The main thing here is that the leader ability is great in the mirror, and there is always going to be a never ending flow of NG on the ladder.

The best thing about this deck is its extreme flexibility. Quad Joachim? You got it. Gorthur and Cantarella combine to create a lot of possibilities that sometimes don't involve Joachim. Meanwhile, leader ability + Anna can create combinations that you just don't see possible with Imprisonment. Fun deck, but round management is key as your control options are more limited than Imprisonment variations.

Lippy & Kambi


You may have seen this from my previous post on this sub. I'm a huge fan of Kambi. I think it's actually viable in Lippy due to how it can shorten the game by up to two turns, which is exactly what Lippy wants. It can also be useful in discarding powerful finishers and even leader abilities (your opponent will skip their last turn entirely if they don't have a card to play).

With buffs recently to Delirium, Morkvarg, and Raging Bear, it's overall a pretty strong deck. Megascope helps with either creating 4 provision Raging Bears or more Shieldmaidens.


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