Friendly PMC, finally!

2nd wipe, fairly casual player with ~200 hours in raid. lvl 13.

I was trying to complete my dehydration quest on Customs and picked, probably, a stupid spot to hide. Essentially an area around dorms. This was like minute 2 of the raid, I’m cowering in a bush hoping to go unoticed all match and who comes stomping up, seemingly straight to me, calling me a rat but the friendliest PMC I’ve ever meet. He didn’t merc me immediately like every other PMC I’ve accidentally ran into. So I followed him. He killed a few folks in dorms and I walked out like a piñata with 2 backpacks, which I’ve literally never seen before, full of things I didn’t know existed. He walked me all the way to extraction even though I had to constantly stop to regain stamina, no doubt saving my life a couple of times in the process. Dude was a machine and no one stood a chance.

I’ve heard stories like this but figured they were pretty rare events. It makes me wonder if the new scav karma system is starting to show some communal changes in-game.

Anyways, it was a cool moment and I hope to see more like it. If you ever see me cowering in a bush, try offering your hand instead of your heel. It makes for better moments.

What do you guys think?


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