Friendly reminder about the stutters being fixed

v0.12.0.4785 (27 Oct 2019) – Fixed a large number of causes of freezes and stuttering related to rendering, physics, animations, inventory, combat logic, etc.

v0.11.7.3192 (16 May 2019) – Next iteration of freezes and stuttering fixes.

v0.11.7.3098 (30 Apr 2019) – New iteration of fixes to reduce freezes (freezes related to GUI and volumetric lighting, looting)

v0.11.7.3056 (19 Apr 2019) – Next iteration of fixes for bugs that caused freezes and stuttering. We've fixed some issues related to characters spawn, first hit on the enemy, physics processing of the small loot items at distance.

v0.11.7.2994 (11 Apr 2019) – The fixes of the freezes and stuttering when spawning in – Correction of other freezes and stuttering seen for the first time after the 11.7 patch

v0.11.7.2979 (09 Apr 2019) – Fixed many issues causing freezes and stuttering

v0.11.5.2753 (05 Mar 2019) – Fixed freeze when grenades explode next to the glass and other freezes related to glass breaking – Other ongoing fixes of noticeable freezes – Various bug fixes leading to small freezes – Fixed freezes caused by bundles loading – Reduced freezes caused by AI spawn

v0.11.1.2552 (30 Jan 2019) – Several freezes fixes related to shooting – Various bug fixes, which led to some of the freezes

v0.11.0.2448 (25 Dec 2018) – Other bug and freeze fixes, which could cause stuttering

v0.10.0.1870 (18 Sept 2018) – Optimized character spawning in the raid, reduced frequency and severity of freezes on spawn – Fixed various bugs that were causing other cases of freezes

v0.9.0.1580 (19 July 2018) – Further freezes and stuttering fixes

v0.8.6.1424 (22 June 2018) – Minor freezes, effects culling

v0.4.1.706 (22 Nov 2017) – Fixed part of the cases causing freezes

TL:DR Don't get your hopes up about the next patch containing bug fixes and optimizations. They have been trying to fix the stutters with little to no success for years.


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