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I am filled with contempt. This is a despicable example of what the current legislation empowers in the minds our brittle youth. As a conscientious parent, I am very disappointed in the VPSOBAW (Valheim Parenting Support Organization for the Betterment of Agricultural Wellness) for their support in the current legislation enabling the act of such incidents. I don't have time to supervise my children all day. I have responsibilities at the farm and I need to bring home the boar jerky to my family. My kids, as you can see, are completely out of line and are incessant in their attempts to escape their crib in response to the quietest falling tree. IT IS NOT THEIR RESPONSIBILITY TO FIX YOUR MISTAKES. I am filled with disappointment and sorrow that our beautiful creatures feel beyond compelled to take matters into their own hooves. Our youth's generation has been indefensibly burdened and radicalized into a twisted bloodsport of attrition with the lesser privileged and often misunderstood Fuling community. As I'm sure all diligent parents reading this will know, all of this could have easily been fixed had the aforementioned Fuling community been provided with proper housing in friendlier biomes, with reparations distributed to ensure the accessibility of proper fire safety education. Along with authentic representation in legislation and recognition as a legitimate species in the world of Valheim. However, if any legislators or members of the governing party see this, I want thank you for prying your tiny head open just wide enough to read this far. See, as broken and vitriolic as I appear to be, I do write with the purest intentions, as pure as they can be, given the castrative censorship we citizens have endured. I will offer a simple solution. A compromise. I humbly request the public denouncing of anti-Fuling propaganda, as well as a repeal of the Lox Stacking and Crib Climbing Act. Thank you for your valuable time, as reading this letter is probably the only justice you've done to the community this term.

– Concerned Parent

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