From HS to Gwent, I have some questions!

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Hello guys I'm a fairly new player to Gwent (been playing for 2 weeks). A little bit of my background, I played Hearthstone from beta till last September. I was playing competitively and finishing every month at legend rank and also most of the months I was at least top 100 in the ladder. As you can imagine I was heavily invested in the game but it got really expensive.

The game has a lot of rng issues and the rule of "all cards have the most 4 lines of text" that make the game stay only at the surface. But these problems weren't the biggest problem for me as I can understand that all games go through a good and bad meta so it's ok with me. The biggest problem is that the game got veeeery expensive. 150 euros for the 2 preorders and you had less than 50% of the expansion (and OF COURSE less than 30% of the legendaries of the whole expansion). I am not a completely F2P player. I like to spend for things that I like and entertain me and of cpurse when I feel that the value I get is good for my money. Also I like to support the game and the devs of the game that I like so that they continue to make content and keep the game in a good state.

So coming to now, of course I knew gwent but I was so invested to HS that I never tried it. My brother told me one night to try Gwent and so I did. I reeeeeally love the game! I love the artwork of course but I really like the gameplay. Having a good background in the card games I quickly understood the logic. Of course right now I have the starter decks to play so the game is pretty simple but I get the depth that it can reach because the game doesn't use the "mana and lifepoints". Also for me is great thay with 58-59 euros I can buy all the expansion of the 6 months plus the journey pass.

So the question I have is what is the state of game regarding the playerbase? Do you guys it's going to die in 1-2 years? Do you think it's good for me to invest time and (maybe if I reallh get into it) money, or the game is in declination? Do you think the game will go even higher or at least continue for some time? I get that no one can of course promise me that the game will exist the next decade, but I want to play and invest in something that will last or that at least it has hope to continue an upward motion.

Thank you for reading all my post guys!

Peace out!


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