Frontier Please Update Multiplayer

While Elite Dangerous is a game that can clearly be enjoyed on your own, I personally think that the multiplayer aspect of ED is lacking and much potential is being missed. Take EVE Online for example. I currently play EVE and am in one of the largest player alliances in the game, coming in at about 40,000 members. Our alliance holds sovereignty, has Special Interest Groups, has a defined hierarchy going from the leader of the Alliance, to fleet commanders, to line members. We are currently involved in the largest war in the history of video games. My question is, why can't a system like this be implemented into ED?

With the release of Odyssey, I can't think of a better time for ED to deliver something along these lines. Why couldn't player alliances take control of planets, build stations and hold sovereignty? In my opinion, ED feels far too empty for the massive game it is. The multiplayer aspect in EVE has become so non-existent it feels like a singleplayer game, not the massive MMO it is supposed to be.


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