Frustrated player

So I have been playing on and off for 3 wipes so I am not really new, but I've only gotten to level 20 max. I think my map and player spawn awareness are pretty good since I always manage to spot the player as it spots me, or more often before. However I am really fucking bad at aiming.

Everytime I spot somebody moving quickly I rarely take the chance to shoot because I know I will miss and reveal my location. Times where I do take the shot, and miss they either 1) run away or 2) start the shoot out. So the shootout is where I always lose. Somehow I always lose a gunfight, and more often I get in 1 shot before I die. I always die with a bullet in my thorax. Now I plan to invest in thorax-shielded vests but I'm not 10 yet.

I've collected replays of me dying over and over again against players, and all of see that I sidestep right and left quickly in a shootout whilst the other guy stands still. In my head that should better but I might be wrong? They always manage to shoot me in the thorax, I even lose against naked guys with just a sks.

Is everybody a seasoned player or am I just really bad? For all of you other "new" players, do you manage to shoot people in the thorax that easily?


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