Frustrated with lack of clarity from Epic on STW Founder’s Packs – only found out what they were recently

I've been playing BR since Chapter 2 Season 1 and have been enjoying it a lot. While I was aware you could buy STW and figured I'd pick it up eventually, it actually wasn't until just a few days ago I read in another thread about how someone's "$20 investment has given them virtually unlimited V-Bucks", referring to their purchase of a STW Founder's Pack. As I only finally now understand it, only buying one of these before they were discontinued lets you earn V-Bucks for logging into daily and/or completing quests, but unfortunately current STW packs have replaced V-Bucks by "X-ray tickets", which aren't as useful/desirable.

Even though I was actively playing BR consistently over the last several seasons (and bought other non-Founder's packs), I still managed to miss the fact this was changing. Perhaps some of that was my fault for not sorting through the information overload, but I can't help but feel Epic could have done a much better job in communicating, "now's your last change to buy STW Founder's packs to be able to earn daily V-Bucks". Had it been clearly marketed that way, I most certainly would have bought one of the packs before they were discontinued (but again, I did not realize that until two days ago). Now it seems my only remote possibility of obtaining one of these is finding someone lucky enough to still have a friend code from one of the high-tier Founder's Packs remaining, or to shell out WAY too much money (which I can't justify doing no matter how much I love this game) for an "Eon w/ 2000 V-Bucks code" on eBay that may or may not work for this purpose.

I know Epic has stated the Founder's Packs have all "been permanently discontinued", but it would be a tremendous service to the fans & loyal players of this game if they brought them back temporarily for an anniversary event. I know I for one would definitely buy the top tier immediately, happy to further support the developers. But unless something like that happens (which I know is unlikely), I remain frustrated and disappointed. Thank you all for taking the time to read this.


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