Frustration with Thrustmaster T-Master HOTAS

Old timer here. I used to play Elite on the BBC Micro 😳 and jumped on board when ED was started.

If anyone could help with the following I would be very happy…I’m becoming more and more frustrated with setting up the HOTAS. A lot of the bindings I find are fine for combat and basic ship manoeuvres but not really set up for exploration. I tried to change some of the bindings so that I could continue exploring deep space but for some reason the changed bindings do not latch and I’m back pressing all kinds of buttons on the HOTAS to the point where I’m about to throw the controller out of the window and go back to the gamepad.

I would really like the full immersive experience of ED so I am now awaiting delivery of a vive cosmos elite to complement my set up. The problem is, I think the the binding issue will make the game unplayable with VR and HOTAS and I don’t want to start using the keyboard for bindings.

Has anyone else experienced the binding issue and what did you do to overcome it?

Many thanks Commanders o7


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