Fuck being friendly

This game is filled with ass hats that like to wiggle and wait till you turn around. Today is the last day, from now on I shoot everyone on sight. If your a friendly player, I am sorry. But these assholes have literally taken all of my fucks to give. So time to play like it is csgo, shoot anything that moves, and you miss every shot you don't take. It is tarkov, every man for himself I guess. And if you are one of the fuckers who does this, it is on like donkey kong, fake wiggles for everyone. Fuck half this community, downvote me to shit. Half of you I am sorry, I will now be one of the assholes. I wonder how long before noobs wont even understand the wiggle, because currently I'm like 1 for 10 on friendlies where it used to be closer to 50/50. And if literally only 10% of people honor the wiggle, well then the wiggle will die along with random friendly encounters. Let us speed to no friendly encounters huh comrades. End Rant

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/mrqc4c/fuck_being_friendly/

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