Fuck this game.

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I know it's early access, so I might come back, but for now – fuck this game.

I've spent a lot of hours playing it, finished 3 bosses, built everything from silver that I can. And for some fucking reason a troll got a brilliant idea to come to my base and smack it a couple of times. He was standing right where you can see all of the loot on the ground but there was walls from both sides so when I attack him there is no place to evade some of his strikes and I was out of arrows (and he couldn't get out) so I died.

That part of the house contained ALL of my chests and my bed so I spawned at the very beginning of the game.

I came back and couldn't loot my body because before I was with the weight belt so I died again because I was like ''wtf I can't get my loot back'' while he was charging at me.

And then I came back again just to kill him and to make this picture. The whole side of the wall contained all 20 or 30 of my chests and everything that were in them them is now scattered around. More than half of working station things are gone, the whole garden of turnips and carrots destroyed too because of one fucking troll who swings his dick round doing 200 damage to everything around him. Fuck this no protection of the main base bullshit.

I have zero motivation to build everything back up just to get another random troll accident.

Up until this point – great game, good job devs.


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/ozdifj/fuck_this_game/

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