Fullings in my base

New Valheim update

So I don't know if this coincided with Hearth and Home exactly, but I've had fullings showing up at my base periodically for last week or so.

Some crazy shit happened, we went through a portal that had been renamed, ended up where we didn't expect without a portal home. No Biggie.. happens.

I was running home, through a meadows, and got jumped by a big band of fullings. This had happened shortly after I was fuckin around and shooting Odin with arrows, I kinda thought nothing of it, but it was a shock.

I ran like hell home, and got there, nothing appeared to have followed. Ever since, we find roaming fullings all over our meadows island, and sometimes even in our base.

Anyone else have this experience? I still haven't gone back to the place I first saw them, maybe there is just a plains there I didn't see.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/pvyh4c/fullings_in_my_base/

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