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The model chosen by CDPR made me think about the business models and in-game economies of CCGs and how it might be a good experiment towards moving Gwent in completely new direction.

Pack opening is a long standing tradition in the genre, dating back to the halcyon days when no one played card games on-line and instead you had those pieces of card board and, the horror, interacted with real people in-person. But even in the realm of physical card games it has stopped being the only model present. One alternative is Living Card Games, which instead of selling booster packs release expansion sets and sell them as a whole, every card in the expansion in a single box.

Even since the start of the Hearthstone and its popularization of online CCGs the packs model was the dominant. There were games that tried different strategies – Faeria with its LCG style and recently Chroma that forgone creating collection and simply gave all cards to every player for free, forever.

Price of Power being released with expansion pass and with kegs delayed till November also veers towards LCG model. Which makes me wonder – would a keg-less model get any support within community? It would obviusly require rebalancing the economy, including exchanging the giant piles of ore some of us seat on to scraps, but it would also offer a more controlled and less random way to expand collection. The obvious con is the loss of the excitment related to opening kegs, but that feeling is a double edged sword.

So, assuming a fair exchange ratio of Ore to Scraps, would you guys support Gwent: the Card Crafting game?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/nkuwqm/fully_scraps_based_economy/

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