Fun for the whole “wanna-be Viking” family

Valheim – Quick Tips to Start

Hard to wait [for the H&H update]. But, I will say this. I've been playing video-oriented games since they first appeared (and even wrote game reviews at one time). Valheim is the first game which my entire family will continue to play. We've spent more time together (virtually) on this than anything else in a LONG time. There's something for everyone in this game, whether you like to focus on combat, or exploration, or building stuff, or cooking, or collecting resources/"wealth building", or just the social aspects (for which we always also use a voice chat app, which probably most groups do. My two boys and daughter and even my wife (who does NOT play video games, ever) all saw it through an epic 45 minute fight (and later trophy placement) on a prepared battlefield on Father's Day (!) with Yagluth (which I recorded and later edited down to 14 minutes (but still laced with all the heat-of-battle profanity) and added a soundtrack too. (It's quite hilarious. My wife was in tears laughing…) Thanks dev team.

[This is a duplicate of my Steam post, though under a different UN]

[And we're not just wanna-be's, but used-ta-be's also, as my two grandfather's Wikman and Svensen both emigrated]


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